Should I List Fees on My Website?

At this moment, you either have your fees on your website or you don’t. If you don’t, it’s probably because you follow the line of reasoning I’ve always used: If I tell people what I charge, or even give them a range, they might see it – balk – and walk away. ‘Course, the flip side is you meet with them, talk on the phone, email back and forth, educate them and get all those questions you need answered first and then give them your project fee. Their typical reaction?

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Association of Ghostwriters

Do an search on Marcia Layton Turner and you’ll find 19 books written or co-written by Turner between 1993 and 2009. She’s also an accomplished magazine writer who’s been published in Business Week, Entrepreneur, Woman’s Day, Health, Parenting and others. On Monday, June 7 of this year, she launched the Association for Ghostwriters. I spoke with Turner on the phone last week (she lives In New York; I’m in Arizona) and in addition to the inherent joys of swapping stories with a fellow ghost, I learned quite a bit about the association.

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When Backups Fail

I interviewed Marcia Layton Turner, an accomplished magazine writer, book writer, co-writer, ghostwriter and founder of the Association of Ghostwriters this past  Monday. The 23 minute mp3 file took about an hour to transcribe. I spent another hour fact-checking and searching for some tasty links to cross-reference choice bits of the interview. Tuesday, I spent an hour reworking the document and turning some questions and answers into a narrative paragraph that set up the piece quite nicely.  Today, Wednesday, about 45 minutes ago, I was just about to log on to to post my piece, when the screen on my 2005 iBook G4 mac froze.

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Sick Ghost

I apologize to everyone who’s been reading my ghostwriting post’s, but I’ve come down with a terrible cold and can barely focus. I promise to return with all the vigor you’ve come to expect from me the instant I’m better.

[image: Alicia Nijdam]

The Ghost of Polanski’s “The Ghost Writer”

(A scene from Roman Polanski’s “The Ghost Writer” with Ewan McGregor)

What follows is part I of my ghostwriter’s take on the shooting script for the movie, “The Ghost Writer”. This is where you’ll want to stop reading if you’ve not seen the movie. In the very next paragraph I give details you may not want to know about out of context. Last warning: SPOILERS AHEAD.

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Top 3 Reasons I Ghostwrite for a Living

Why do I ghostwrite for a living?

There are plenty of writing jobs out there for a writer with my level of talent, confidence and go-get-em. I love great advertising copy and the TV show Mad Men, so why not pursue copywriting as a career?  I could be a generalist and write anything that came my way, so why not that? Why don’t I give up the ghost and just write my own voice? What’s so compelling to me about writing– not just for other people, but as other people?

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