The Ghost of Polanski’s “The Ghost Writer”

(A scene from Roman Polanski’s “The Ghost Writer” with Ewan McGregor)

What follows is part I of my ghostwriter’s take on the shooting script for the movie, “The Ghost Writer”. This is where you’ll want to stop reading if you’ve not seen the movie. In the very next paragraph I give details you may not want to know about out of context. Last warning: SPOILERS AHEAD.

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Top 3 Reasons I Ghostwrite for a Living

Why do I ghostwrite for a living?

There are plenty of writing jobs out there for a writer with my level of talent, confidence and go-get-em. I love great advertising copy and the TV show Mad Men, so why not pursue copywriting as a career?  I could be a generalist and write anything that came my way, so why not that? Why don’t I give up the ghost and just write my own voice? What’s so compelling to me about writing– not just for other people, but as other people?

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