How My iPad (Maybe) Makes Me a Better Writer

So, I bought an iPad last week. To be honest I’m still trying to figure out if that was a good idea. Unlike most blogs I’ve seen examining the iPad for a writer, I’m not writing this post on my iPad. In fact, I can think of nothing more maddening than writing long form documents on an iPad.

Though the iPad will never replace my laptop as my primary writing instrument, I’ve been finding some pretty useful ways to use it to make me a better writer. Here are a few I’ve discovered over the last couple days. Continue reading “How My iPad (Maybe) Makes Me a Better Writer”

Building Your Business…and Pursuing Your Passions

I’m still digesting Joey’s post from last week, “The Ghost Materializes“. Thankfully, on Friday morning, I was able to get together to hang out with both Joey and Ed over a cup of coffee. It was a great time to catch up on what’s going on in each other’s lives and work, and to discuss writing and ghostwriting.

Joey’s post, as I told the guys, was poignant for me as I’ve been feeling the itch to begin writing a novel of my own. I was great to talk about how we might balance careers as ghostwriters and vocations as writers. Continue reading “Building Your Business…and Pursuing Your Passions”

Ghost Productivity

I’m a big fan of productivity. I’m just not naturally very good at it. Mostly because I have the curse of the writer’s mindset. That means I’m usually staring out windows when I should be working and I’m always forgetting what I was working on (or should be working on) because an exciting new idea has come along.

So, I need a little help in the productivity department. Luckily there are tons of tools out there to help us helpless writers with better time management and productivity. I’ve already featured some tools in my post “5 Must-Have Productivity Tools for Writers“, but I thought I’d add a couple more here that I’ve lately fallen in love with. Continue reading “Ghost Productivity”

Space Out to Save Your Writer Soul

This morning I feel like a zombie. I’m in that walking-dead space of writing where apathy and hunger intersect. Maybe you know the feeling. You want to write. In fact, your body nearly aches to do so. But you’re also toast. You stumble out of bed, mechanically make the coffee, plug the baby’s mouth with a bottle, and try to figure out where the last week went. All your good ideas, springing up like fresh flowers on a hopeful spring day, die on the alter of fatigue.

And then you start making mixed metaphors. Continue reading “Space Out to Save Your Writer Soul”

Five Must-Have Productivity Tools for Writers

More times than I’d like to admit, I’ve been so lost in my own thoughts that I’ve become oblivious to the rest of the world. Usually this results in minor setbacks like missing a turn when driving or leaving too many loose ends. Sometimes it gets much more dangerous.

Sometimes I ignore my wife.

It’s not on purpose, mind you. It’s just that even though I’m subconsciously aware that she’s talking to me (about very important things I might add), I’m so lost in my head that I actually don’t hear what she’s saying. Ashamedly, I’ve had to look over at her and say, “I’m sorry, honey. I have to admit that I didn’t catch a word you say.”

It’s taken me years of stupid listening skills to realize that when you’re a writer, organization is paramount.

As writers, we have dozens of thought streams flying through our head at a given time. After all, we make a living off of chasing ideas through the caverns of our brains. The trick is to capture those thoughts quickly, get them categorized, and then move on with life. You have to own your thoughts, not let them own you.

Only then can you appear to be a fully functioning adult—instead of the freak we all know you (and me) are.

Here are a five great organization tools I’ve come across that help me stay on top of my writing game. Continue reading “Five Must-Have Productivity Tools for Writers”